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The Music of Crafts Exhibition came from a collaboration between Qasr Al Hosn, the House of Artisans, New York University Abu Dhabi, and the Music and Sound Cultures (MaSC) Research Group. The Music and Sound Cultures (MaSC) research group is a collective of researchers focusing on the multidisciplinary study of music from the Gulf, having as a primary goal the study and dissemination of music from this region. The group currently hosts several projects that range from the preservation of collections of field or rare commercial recordings, to developing innovative ways of conducting musical heritage analysis, preservation, and dissemination.


Director Amna Alnowais

Director of Photography Waleed Al Madani

Editing Waleed Al Madani & Amna Alnowais

Sound Design Carlos Guedes

Mastering Juan Sierra

Gold rings clash with the metal kajooja, and the (Dehaari) bobbins play together to produce music, with Mouza Al Mehairbi the conductor, lacing decorative threads to create Talli embroidery.


Director Amna Alnowais

Director of Photography Waleed Al Madani

Editing Waleed Al Madani & Amna Alnowais

Sound Design Carlos Guedes

Mastering Juan Sierra

Mouza Al Mehairbi exalts the heavenly palm tree with a combination of poetry and craft, paying tribute to both traditions by weaving with both her words and palm fronds to create Khoos.

WILL.0.W1SP  (2005)

Premiere March 16, 2005

De Waag, Amsterdam

Interactive installation conceived by Kirk Woolford

with music and sound design by Carlos Guedes

COR (2003)

Premiere 12 June, 2003

Casa da Música, Porto

Interactive installation in collaboration

with Kirk Woolford, INESC Porto and ula li

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